Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tallstar's Revenge (Warriors Super Edition #6) by Erin Hunter


*** Warning: This review contains spoilers!! ***

In many ways, I really enjoyed this book. I thought the moor runner versus tunneler dynamics were intriguing, and Tallpaw's struggle to please his parents and make them proud while also following his own destiny was relatable. Talltail's adventures beyond the WindClan borders were great, and I especially enjoyed his friendship with Jake. I also liked the whole idea that Talltail had to follow his heart and go on a journey before realizing that WindClan really was his home, and home was where he belonged.

Unfortunately, I also felt the book was plagued with under-developed ideas. Based on what we saw in the book, it really did seem as if Palebird didn't love Talltail as much as Finchkit or her other four kits that came later. Yet, when Talltail became Tallstar, we're just supposed to accept that her mother's love for him was just as strong as her love for all her kits, even though she never showed it?

Also, I couldn't figure out what the rogues were all about. WindClan seriously allowed a band of rogues to stay with them all summer long just because "they've always come"?! They let the outsiders train with their apprentices, and share dens with their warriors and elders?! It just didn't make sense, having read the Warriors series and knowing how Clan cats supposedly feel about non-Clan cats.

Overall, a good story about how revenge isn't the answer, and home is where the heart is. As usual, it's especially satisfying to see cameos made by other known Warriors cats, and there's a real gem of a connection in this one, if you make it to the end.

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