Monday, December 22, 2014

Warriors Roundup

This series seems to have a bit of everything that makes up a good story. There's an invented world in which cats live in clans in the forest. They live by their own warrior code, which values honor, courage, respect, and discipline. Among the clan, there are loyalties and enemies, alliances and betrayals. Even StarClan - a spiritual clan in the night sky - provides a supernatural flair. The series follows a "kittypet" - a cat born in the human world and raised as a pet - who gives up his life of comfort to join ThunderClan.

Throughout the epic tale, there is action and mystery, love and hatred. Friendships form, relationships get complicated, some cats leave their clan, others die. It's a remarkably compelling read, and I was surprised by how much it drew me in. After reading this series, I absolutely did not feel ready to leave the forest! I was thrilled to find out that there is actually a huge Warriors franchise. There are series about the next generations of cats, and also Super Editions featuring characters from the original series. I don't know how many other Warriors-related books I'll read, but of course I'll list whatever I do read here.

Super Editions

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