Sunday, November 18, 2012

Beezus and Ramona (Ramona Quimby #1) by Beverly Cleary


I remember reading some, not all, of the Ramona Quimby series when I was a kid. I was delighted when Isabelle told me that Beezus and Ramona was the "read aloud" book at school - which means her teacher reads it aloud during snack time and after lunch.

I really love this series! I have as much fun reading these books to Isabelle as Isabelle does listening to me read them. Beezus and Ramona introduces us to Ramona, and as a mother, I feel better just knowing that someone - Beverly Cleary! - seemed to understand what it's like to parent a difficult child like Ramona. It made me feel not so bad about my own kids' misbehavior. :P I like that it highlights the relationship between two sisters - they love each other, of course, but they don't always like each other, and that's okay.

From a kid's standpoint, Isabelle says she likes this book because when Ramona wants to get a library card, she tries to sign her name as a series of i's and t's. Yes, this is what Isabelle loves about this book! Clearly, Beverly Cleary understands children! She gets inside the head of Ramona and gives us a peek of what might be going through a child's mind. She shows us that even when Ramona misbehaves, there is some kind of reason for her behavior that is logical to a child.

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