Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ramona and Her Father (Ramona Quimby #4) by Beverly Cleary


I wish I could just review the entire series all at once, because these 5-star ratings are just getting repetitive.

In this book, Beverly Cleary broadens Ramona's world and introduces some more serious concepts. Ramona's father loses his job, and thanks to Beezus, Ramona learns that her father's smoking is a terrible habit. Not unexpectedly, Beverly Cleary is able to frame these issues from Ramona's perspective. Ramona may not understand money matters, but she understands that when her father isn't working, he's always cross, and that, in turn, affects the entire family's dynamics. She also doesn't know exactly why smoking is bad, but she just wants to save her father's life.

Isabelle likes that Beezus and Ramona work together to get their father to stop smoking - they don't always get along, but sometimes, they do.

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