Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rising Storm (Warriors #4) by Erin Hunter


*** Warning: This review contains spoilers!! ***

This book had kind of a slow start. On the one hand, Fireheart had a lot of problems to deal with - including Tigerclaw, Bluestar, Cloudpaw, and the sick ShadowClan cats - but at the same time, I frequently just felt like I was waiting for something to actually happen.

For much of the book, Cloudpaw's evolution was the most interesting subplot to me. As much as his story's twists and turns surprised me, I couldn't help but feel that his character was poorly developed. He held such promise as a young kit, so what made him change? He was acting like a lazy and rebellious teenager, yet none of the other kits or apprentices seemed to go through such a phase.

Three-quarters of the way through the book, it was like we finally got rewarded for sticking it out. Lots of action and emotion, and more than any of the other books so far, it ends on a real cliffhanger.

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