Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lemon Grass - Lexington, MA


Ken and I ate at this restaurant about 5 years ago, I think when I was pregnant with Isabelle, and all I remember is that I declared it my worst Thai dining experience ever, and I vowed never to return. That was before I started keeping track of restaurant reviews, though, so I can't for the life of me remember now what was so bad about it then. When a friend suggested this place for today's lunch, I really couldn't come up with a valid reason not to try it again, and its location was perfectly convenient - with free parking! - so I agreed.

Well, the place isn't terrible, but it's definitely lacking in some key areas. My Thai iced tea was a tad bitter, not well balanced. The coconut chicken soup was too heavy on the coconut, too light on the ginger and lime. The chicken pieces were generous, but much too large for one spoonful/mouthful. The mushrooms were still raw, and it seems like undercooked vegetables may have been a theme, as the carrots in my Drunken Noodles were also underdone. The dish was listed as spicy on the menu, but it wasn't at all. At least the shrimp - all three of them - were cooked well.

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