Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pride and Prejudice (1995 TV Mini-Series)


I guess this isn't exactly a movie, it's a TV mini-series, but I'm going to review it anyway.

I borrowed this DVD from the library thinking it was a movie. I did notice that it included two discs, but I just figured the second one might be some kind of special feature disc. I didn't realize it was a mini-series until the first DVD ended, but the story was only half over! By then I was already 3 hours invested into the series, but I couldn't possibly stop, so I watched all 5 1/2 hours of it in one sitting. I was up way past my bedtime!

I was so very pleased with this adaptation! It was extremely faithful to the book, and it took very few liberties, and then only very small ones. I was a bit disappointed that a handful of memorable lines in the book were omitted from the script, but since a vast majority of the dialogue was taken directly from the book, I suppose I can't blame the screenwriter for leaving out a few passages.

I appreciated that the series every now and then included a brief scene or bit of background that helped to further show the lifestyle of the period. Also, while Kitty and Mary were constantly in the background in the book, the series actually did a remarkable job of integrating them into the story.

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