Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ramona Forever (Ramona Quimby #7) by Beverly Cleary


*** Warning: This review contains spoilers! ***

Isabelle wanted to give this book 4 stars, and I actually wanted to give it 3, so I'm compromising with 3 1/2.

Thinking back about this book, I'm a little sad that Ramona is growing up. In the first few books of the series, I really felt immersed in Ramona's world, like Beverly Cleary was opening my eyes to a child's perspective. In this book, Ramona is in 3rd grade, and she basically now understands the world around her, and she fits in. Maybe there's a sense of bittersweetness; it's nice that Ramona grows up and is not so troublesome anymore, but she's growing up! It's just too fast. I miss the little girl! And she's just a fictional character. Isabelle - my little girl! - is really growing up fast! *sniff*

Anyway, anyway. So now that Ramona is growing up, the book is no longer really focused on her and her perspective. It's more like a book about the whole Quimby family. ("That's okay!" Isabelle says.) It's nice to see what happens to the characters - like wanting to follow the story arc of a TV series. And this book - this episode - is kind of like the one in which the series jumps the shark. There's a new baby, a wedding, a character moves away, and a pet dies.

Isabelle, for her part, likes the book because Ramona gets a little sister. I asked her what exactly about Ramona getting a little sister did she like, and she said, "Because I want one." Ha. Too bad, she got stuck with a little brother.

Well, there is one last book to read, and we'll see how that one goes. I'm actually already sad at the anticipation of having to say goodbye to Ramona Quimby, so I'm afraid I may have some high hopes for the final book in the series...

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