Thursday, July 28, 2011

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (#3, 2004)


I really enjoyed this movie, mostly because of the introduction of Sirius Black and Lupin. I love their characters, the strength of their relationship with James and Lily Potter, and the special bond they have with Harry.


  1. I just re-read the book and re-watched the movie, and I think when I watched the movie BEFORE re-reading the book, I had forgotten so much that the movie was great!But now that I re-watched the movie AFTER the book, I'm disappointed that it didn't follow more closely. I kept noticing the differences. :( I'm re-reading the 4th book now, and one main difference that is already bothering me, even though i haven't re-watched the movie, is I wished the Yule Ball clothing matched the descriptions in the book! Hermione's supposed to be in a BLUE ROBE, not a PINK DRESS! Actually, ALL the girls are in 'robes', and I think it would've been cool to actually come up with 'dress robes' that were more 'wizardy', rather than just evening gowns like they did in the movie. oh well. I guess books are always better than the movies.

  2. Yes, I remember thinking that about the dress robes, too, when I re-read the book! I guess movies based on books can never really match up, because movies have to condense the story into 2-3 hours, and they have to make it "visually appealing" and all that. I'm seriously holding out hope that the BBC will one day make a series of mini-series based on Harry Potter, like how they made all those Jane Austen mini-series! :P So many of those adaptations follow the books amazingly well, and I'm sure it's partly because they have a lot more time to flesh out the material.

  3. that would be so awesome if BBC did a mini-series. I'm getting more and more disappointed with the movies, as I watch them immediately after re-reading the books!